Homebrew rulesets


Aventyra is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition game…mostly.

There are a lot of other game systems out there with plenty of awesome play mechanics. It would be a shame to neglect them all. Anything the GM or the Players have added, that are not in the 5th edition ruleset, whether it be borrowed or something original, will be highlighted here.

Spout Lore:

Spout Lore is a game mechanic borrowed and adapted from, Dungeon World.

  • Spout Lore cannot be used inside of combat.
  • The player must roleplay a plausible reason why their character is able to Spout Lore.
  1. Roll d20+Int.
  2. On a 10+ the players successfully ‘Spouts Lore.’
  3. On a 7-9, the player is still successful but the GM may tweak the players statement.
  4. On a 6 or lower the statement is false and the GM may create a consequence for failure.

Mostly, this mechanic is used for world building. Example:

A player may be in a new forest for the first time and say that they want to ‘Spout Lore.’ The player says that they grew up in a forest with trees exactly like the one they are in now. Because of this, the player says they think they should have a plus 1 on skill checks climbing trees in this particular forest.

As a GM, I would ask them the name of the tree, and now, just like that, we have a new strain of tree in Aventyra (created right on the spot by the player themselves).

Of course, the player still has to roll for it; on a 10+ the player gets their wish, on a 7-9 the GM could say that, yes, they did indeed grow up around trees like the ones found in this forest, however, they are so filled with nostalgia from their childhood that the whole time they are in this forest they roll disadvantage for initiative due to daydreaming. If the player rolled a 6 or lower not only would the spout lore be incorrect, the GM could say that while the player were distracted and inspecting the trees, they are surprised attacked from behind by… “insert beast here”.

Homebrew rulesets

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