Collected Curiosities

The Bag Of Jordan.

A magical bag of holding given to the group by, Althea Ferris, for her rescue from the Dead Dogs on a lost island.

The bag is sentient and aware of its ’role as a slave that carries around the Heroes junk for them.’ Or at least that’s how The Bag Of Jordan likes to put it.

The actual properties of the bag are the same as a traditional Bag Of Holding found throughout the lands, only this one has an attitude. It is unknown how this came to be – and whether The Bag Of Jordan is simple magical gear or an actual person trapped within has yet to still be determined.

All that is really known for sure is that The Bag Of Jordan is never short on complaints for always having to lug around everything that the party members keep putting in it.

>> (think, sorting hat combined with a bag of holding)

Collected Curiosities

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