Session 3
May 15 Harpies,Hero's Rest,Althea

Our First Day was spent fighting a single Harpy and descending the mountain with Zixz. We gained a Kraag Flower each and The Cleric left his for Ussa. He gained a magical water skin from Zixz. Horn brew split up the treasures he found with the team, having no use for material gain.
We walked through the forest with no incident and made our way to Crystal Lake where we met Remy Tetbulb.
He brought us to Hero’s Rest to meet with Roddick Fall hide the Cleric leader of town.
The small town had an Inn called the Mercy Star, a Holy Temple to the Majere Twins, a Goods store, an Armory, and An Arcane store as well.
Blind faith finds out that there has been an absence of one of the Twins. ( Caramome)
Roddick once fucked up a whole mob of people with Holy Light in a town called Thergard.
We find out Althea Farris, the foxy granny Tiefling is missing since the morning and we make a note to check it out after we rest the night.
The founder of the town, Falanor Halfelven, left a while ago to the ruins of Fangelse Temple.
Gorbash and Zar’do spend the night bonding, drinking Ale with Markus Brewheart, Gorbash gains à bottle of Fizzbin’s Fireball whisky.
We rest and wake up at level 3!
We get fresh goods and give the black smith, Gonduck Bonegut, our weapons.
Gorbash; one scimitar
The Cleric; a Warhammer
Zardo; a dagger
Hornbrew; wooden bowstaff with iron tips, 9 Throwing Stars.
Went to Lady Ismay at the General Store to purchase supplies and set off with Remy to find Althea.
Gorbash finds invisibility cloak but returns it. We kill some death dogs.
We save Althea’s life and on the morning of the third day, she rewards us with a Bag of Jordan. Inside the bag we all find a gift each.
Gorbash; headband of intelligence
BF: a magic flying broom
Zar’do: a staff of lighting and thunder
Hornbrew: a warlock staff
We also got our weapons back.
Staff+1, and a black and silver throwing Star
We talked to Remy and decide to head out to the temple in the west, a quest to Fangelse.

Session 02. Goblin Cave.
A letter from Zikz.


Session 01. Beginnings

An unnamed ship on uncharted waters is manned by a crew of suspect sailors, who carry within their hold, travelers, destined to become more than they ever dreamt of…or possibly even desired.

A nameless human Cleric (called Blind Faith by his followers) seeks answers to the rage that boils within his soul.

A Dwarf by the name of Weralgerlum Hornbrew travels forth from the streets of Tam with his pet mouse, Brett.

Zar’do, a Halfling sorcerer, is making his way to the Dragon Acolytes.

Ghorbash, A half-Orc Fighter, with a love for the sea, travels to the town of Dawnstar.

Over the weeks of travel, these passengers have gotten to know each other somewhat but have mostly kept to themselves. Lost within their own thoughts and troubles.

Things were going well for both the crew of the ship as well as its passengers, until, for reasons unknown, the ship was attacked by a pair of water Elementals.

The crew fought valiantly, however, in their struggle, all the lifeboats down to one were destroyed, and it was clear that the ship was beyond saving.

Captain Hockney ‘the devious’ Zaine, ordered his crew to ‘take care’ of the passengers, there wasn’t room for all of them on the liferaft.

Unbeknownst to Captain Zaine, the ships cook, Faine Thorne, had already made his way down into the hold to warn the passengers of the crews betrayal. Sadly, through a series of miscommunications, Faine lost his life to the passengers but died valiantly in his attempt to make right the wrongdoing of his comrades.

Hornbrew, Zar’do, Ghorbash and the Blind Cleric banded together out of necessity and made it topside to battle the pirates while simultaneously fighting off the Water Elementals that were devastating the boat.

Rowan ‘the cold’ Quint…
Swinton ‘the fool’ Nash…
Nesbit ’bird’s eye’ Bunce…
Wyatt ‘squealer’ Hanzel…
Spencer ‘black eyes’ Crutchley…

…and Captain Hockney Zaine, all lost their lives that day against the determination and will of the travelers.

The ship, its keel broken, heaved to and fro as the newly formed band of travelers sat in their life raft and watched their boat slowly sink from view. The battle may have been won, but they were now lost at sea.

For many days, the travelers sat in their small, dismal, raft. The sea was quiet and the sun beat down upon them, eventually, however, the waters deposited them upon a beach of an unknown island.

Weary, sunstroked and dehydrated, our travelers stood upon the beach discussing what their next move should be when they were suddenly beset upon by a band of Gnolls!

The battle was long and ferocious, but our travelers prevailed yet again. It would seem that they fought well together, even with how little they knew one another. They made their way down the beach and collapsed for the night at the mouth of a cave.

In the morning, they would explore further.


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